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Brainstorming Tool

Jumpstart class prep with AI-powered ideas prompted by expert instructors.

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How It Works

The Brainstorming Tool uses generative AI to suggest ideas for learning activities. The input fields we use to prompt the AI model are:

  • Course Name
  • Lesson Topic
  • Learning Objectives

Quick Tips

The ideas we generate can only be as good as the inputs you provide. To improve brainstorm quality, try following these guidelines:

  • Be descriptive yet concise. (E.g., "Qualitative Research Methods in Health Sciences" rather than "Methods")
  • Avoid using course and module numbers. (E.g., "Music Composition" instead of "MSC215.")
  • You don't have to write exactly what's listed on your syllabus. Prioritize being descriptive over using your official course or lesson title.
  • Imagine you are describing your course and lesson to a colleague in your field working at a different institution.
  • If you're confident in your inputs but still don't get great results, try clicking "Regenerate."

Limitations and Biases

The Brainstorming Tool is only intended for use by qualified instructors and designers. It provides a range of ideas to choose from, some of which may be more useful than others. All suggestions should be double-checked by an expert for accuracy, bias, and appropriateness in a given teaching context.

We are currently using the GPT-3.5 Turbo model through Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service. This model was trained on data up to September 2021 and will have limited knowledge of events after that time.