Zoom Workshops

We offer workshops for faculty, graduate students, postdocs, educational developers, instructional designers, and other teaching and learning staff.

These workshops are designed to introduce participants to foundational teaching concepts like active learning or lesson planning. We also demonstrate how using the Lesson Planning Tool and the Active Learning Library can support effective, inclusive teaching practices.

All workshops are interactive and delivered virtually via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Workshop Topics

We currently offer workshops on the following topics:

Innovative Lesson Design

Many instructors spend hours intentionally designing the "perfect" syllabus. But when it comes to actually delivering our lessons, we often fall back on familiar teaching habits. In this interactive workshop, we will see how spending just a little time on lesson design can make our teaching more effective for our students and more rewarding for ourselves. We'll review an innovative framework for structuring class time, and introduce ourselves to the Lesson Planning Tool.

This session can be tailored to either instructors or teaching and learning staff.

New Active Learning Tools

One of the barriers instructors often cite to integrating more active learning activities into their classes is that they take too long to design and plan. This session introduces instructors to the Active Learning Library as a way of quickly identifying and planning activities that best fit their class. Instructors will leave the session with tangible active learning strategies to try in their next class.

This session is usually geared toward instructors, but can be adapted for teaching and learning staff.

Planning Your First Day of Class

The first day of class sets the tone for the entire semester, yet competing objectives can make it tricky to do well. In this session, participants will use the Lesson Planning Tool to plan a first day of class that balances communicating logistical information with inspiring student interest in the field. Participants will leave the session with a concrete lesson plan for their first day of class and an understanding of what makes a meaningful first day.

This session is usually geared toward instructors, but can be adapted for teaching and learning staff.

Using Lesson Templates

This workshop introduces learning professionals to a new powerful feature of the Lesson Planning Tool: lesson templates. Templates allow instructors or learning professionals to create a basic lesson plan that can be reused and modified. This vastly expedites the lesson planning process and can be a great scaffolding tool for instructors to start creating original lesson plans.

This session is usually geared toward teaching and learning staff, but can be adapted for instructors.


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We usually charge $350 for a 1 hour interactive session. However, we are excited to share these tools and are happy to work within your institution's existing training budget if this is not feasible.

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